Shade sequence alignments with nimBoxshade

This is a duplicate to the app boxshade page. It is just my testing of Nim language. It uses nimBoxshade to create good looking printouts from multiple-aligned protein and DNA sequences.

Step 1: load alignment file (fasta format)

add ruler to the alignment?
add sequence position number?
create consensus line?
input is aligned DNA sequences?
the fraction of sequences that must agree for a consensus (0-1)
output width

Foreground color for identical residues
background color for identical residues
Foreground color for similar residues
background color for similar residues

Example of foreground and background colors:


Step 2: Start shading


nimBoxshade now only support aligned fasta file as the input file and output a RTF file that can be opened with Word. Please see the github page for more information:

The amino acid similarity matrix is from this paper.